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released March 28, 2019


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Track Name: Karloff - Borboleta
when i open my my mouth will butterflies come out?
when i open my eyes will they flutter to the sky?
take a moment to take in the colouring of clouds.
when the rain falls, and it drowns them all, kindess will hide
underneath the leaves

a mask of colour will still hide my face even if the shades shift constantly.
a mask of colour is not always beautiful
a mask of colour is still a mask.
Track Name: Burial Etiquette - Flowers For A Broken Machine
Nothing's the same
My hands are burning away
And I can barely remember your face

An image etched Into my brain
We are in favour of closure
But it's an empty gesture
Yet this door creaks slowly closed

So much blaming ourselves for what we couldn't control
Time will errode
To go home is to acknowledge what we were
There is so much more i wanted to do for you
And nothing is the same without you

What have I become
Everything that happened was upside down
What have I foreseen
Everything wrong with me and all that was

I cannot will myself to blame you
This burden is but mine alone
Your presence once graced this earth
I'll keep that feeling forever close

Please tell me what went wrong
Please tell me it's all my fault
Knowing is half the battle
Forgetting is the rest
Track Name: Piet Onthel - Blackheart
from the top of the mountain
i can see you wave at me
i can help

get your life in track
from your gloom and sad
from your past day

get up and smell the air
Track Name: Gillian Carter - Dialogue (Live 2015)
what am i to say
the past will always be forever
18 years steady & clean
what am i suposed to say
the conversations always the same
knowing what i know, knowing what i now know
nothing will ever change
the conversations always the same
what am i to say, how am i to say that im proud
im proud of you

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