compilation 2

by no funeral records

Partir - I 01:48
Repos dans mes plaies L'effort nu de ma peau J'écris encore la lune Pour me briser les os "Toute une vie à mon affaire Je t'en prie, rature-moi Réécris mes pages Que je puisse me reposer." J'évolue, j'observe et ce n'est plus moi Un trop peu d'absence(s) Nostalgie tu me manques Je me démène Porté par un autre que moi "Est-ce la fin?"
Unjust 03:44
Disassociate 02:03
Futureshock 02:09
In Shame 07:28
Don't let it get through to you It won't get to you Try to see it from outside Though you understand the futility Don't let it all get to you It won't get through to you Try to see it from outside Though you understand the futility Fixed in its place From all angles None the wiser Kept from waiting Silence
I fucked up again last night Ill run my mouth, you'll roll your eyes Looking hard into these moments, wasting time and no fulfillment, oh I so could die Is this toxic and abusive. Am I fucked or is this useless. Why do I even try I hope these words will ring out, This desperations on hold Thoughts to the void, these feelings won't shake, been dealt a shit hand, guess I'll fold So, I'll sit here shaking, in my bones Still feel empty, these words all wrong Am I crazy? Or just lost? Am I lazy? I'm just gone Well I guess I'll just see my way out unspoken truths go untold Hurts to feel so afflicted in these walls I once called home When was the last time, I actually, felt ok I guess I'll just keep on waiting, to see if I feel that someday
First Name 05:58
A metamorphosis with no cocoon to hide the process A strangers stare dissembling me to fit their boxes A reduction nothing more than oversimplifications written off (endlessly) What do I have to do to show that I am real the rest is made up (bullshit) I am scared oh I’m so scared to tell you all of this I am scared, oh I’m so scared I don’t even know where to begin navigating a world that wasn’t made for people like me navigating a world that wasn’t made for you and me even if I could hide amongst the crowd passing passerby like a chameleon I’d still have to find a way to breathe on these city streets Does this ever get easier? coverup to coverup Does this ever get easier? concealer to conceal her


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released October 23, 2020


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